26 November 2015
Added key programming and CAS read/write function after update of ISTA57 (9395656,9395657)
Added new softwares for ISN reading/writing from F-series DME
Improved ISN reading from 6HP EGS (E-series)
Added new coding data from ISTA57.1
Added Russian language for F-series coding

BMW-Explorer V 15.10.14
Added possibility to program PCF7939 type chip into CAS4
Added new coding indexes from ISTA56.4 (F-series)
Added boot-password reading for Tricore Siemens MSx8x

ECU-Explorer V 15.10.14
FLASH read/write for E-series Tricore ECU
Read/Write VIN and ISN for Siemens MSx8x (BMW-Explorer with Siemens pack required)
Added new calculators for new types of DME

BMW-Explorer V 15.08.24
Added reset of service history in CIC
Added new coding indexes from ISTA56 (F-series models)
Improved key programming for F and E series models

BMW-Explorer V 15.07.15
Added mileage reset for CMEDIA , CMEDIAR , NBT , CIC , CHAMP2 , EPS_10 , EHC_01
Improved AIF editing functionality
Improved CAS3+ programming

BMW-Explorer V 15.06.29
Added ISN reading from ME9N45
Added new software for ISN reading from F-series DDE/DME
Added new software for mileage reset  in CAS2

BMW-Explorer V 15.06.16
Improved key programming for F-series models

BMW-Explorer V 15.06.08
Improved ISN reading from MSx8x
Fixed rain sensor error

BMW-Explorer V 15.05.07
Improved coding for F-series models
Improved CAS programming function
Improved ISN reading from Siemens MSx8x series ECU

BMW-Explorer V 15.04.30
Improved coding function for F-series models
Added key programming function for CAS3+ (after update by ISTA55.3) p/n 9389115-9389116
Added mileage reset function for CAS3+ (after update by ISTA55.3) p/n 9389115-9389116

BMW-Explorer V 15.03.24
Added EEPROM reading function from ACSM4, ACSM5 and KOMB25
Added maintenance history erase function from NBT,NBTEVO,CHAMP2,ENTRY,ENTRYNAV
Added new software for mileage reset in EDC17 and CAS2

BMW-Explorer V 15.02.26
Added ISN reading from E-series DME/DDE (2012-2015 m.y.). 99% of E-series is now covered.
Added ISN reading from MVD172 MINI R56
Added mileage reset of SPEG56 MINI R56

BMW-Explorer V 15.02.12
Improved key programming for CAS3+
Added new coding indexes for ISTA ver.55 (E and F-series supported)
Improved ISN reading from DME/DDE
Added mileage reset software for EDC17

BMW-Explorer V 15.01.15
Improved ISN reading in EWS4 mode (E and F-series). User don’t need to unplug CAS module
Added new softwares for ISN reading in MEVD172,MEVD172Y,MEVD1724,MEVD1725 etc.
Improved adding AIF into MSS60/MSS65
Improved CAS3+ calculator

BMW-Explorer V 14.12.08
Coding indexes added  F-Seria from ISTA v54
Improved Read ISN(SK) DME/DDE

BMW-Explorer V 14.11.19
Improved key programming for CAS3+ (faster calculation of CFG/PSW)
Improved mileage reset for EDC17 MSD80 MSD85 MSD87 MSV90
Added mileage reset for D83BX7A0 D83BX7B0 D83BX7C0
Added new ISN software for Bosch and Siemens engine controls
Improved ISN reading functionality from Siemens ECU’s

BMW-Explorer V 14.10.08
Improved key programming CAS3+ and CFG calculation
Improved mileage reset for EDC17 engine control modules
Added key status for CAS1,CAS2,CAS3,CAS3+,CAS4,CAS4+,FEM_20 BDC

ECU-Explorer V 14.09.29
Eeprom Read/Write for Tricore 1766/1767 and 1796 added
Calculation of eeprom CRC added
New BMW calculators added

BMW-Explorer V 14.09.27
Improved key programming for CAS3+ (Flash programming)
Improved mileage adjustment for EDC17 and Siemens MSDxx , MSVxx

BMW-Explorer V 14.07.31
Improved ISN and key programming for CAS3, updated with ISTA46 and up
Added new softwares for CAS3 (updated with ISTA46 and up).Software numbers starts from 927xxxx
Added new ISN softwares for MSS60 MVD1722 MEVD1725 MSD80 MSD85 MSV80
Improved mileage adjustment for DSC_01 and DSC_25

BMW-Explorer V 14.06.04
Improved key programming for CAS3+ (Flash programming)
Improved ISN code reading from Siemens made DME’s

BMW-Explorer V 14.05.31
Added ISN reading from MSD80 MSD81 MSD802 MSD812 MSD851 MSV80 MSV801
Improved key programming function for CAS3+
Improved key programming for F-series models
Improved mileage reset for Siemens DME types

BMW-Explorer V 14.05.16
Added ISN reading from EGS (GS19D)
Improved key programming and ISN reading from CAS3+

BMW-Explorer V 14.05.12
Improved mileage reset for CAS1,CAS2 and CAS3
Bug fixes

BMW-Explorer V 14.05.08
Added mileage reset for: CAS(E65),CAS(E65 Restyle),CAS RR, CAS2 and CAS3+ after ISTA46
Added key programming for CAS3+ after ISTA46 !!!
Added reset mileage CAS3+ after ista46 !!!
CAS3+ calculator improved
Improved mileage reset in DDE/DME
Added mileage reset in RDC
Improved key programming for CAS4

BMW-Explorer V 14.01.08
NEW!!! Key programming for Rolls-Royce cars is possible now !!
Added calculator for CAS4 based on xep100 processors
CAS3+ calculator improved
Online checking for updates added

BMW-Explorer V 13.11.19
Improved mileage reset for models with Siemens ECU
Improved key programming function for E and F-series models
Added new softwares of ISN reading for MEVD1724/MEVD1725

BMW-Explorer V 13.11.13
Mileage reset improved
Added ISN reading from S63TU engine (M5 F-series)

BMW-Explorer V 13.11.09
Added key programming for CAS4 with EWS5 encryption (2011-2013 m.y.)
Improved key programming function for CAS3+
Improved mileage reset for EDC17
Added mileage reset function for the following EDC17 engines: (D70BX7A0 D75BX7A0) F15, F10LCI
Added mileage reset function for the following Siemens DMEs: – MS45, MSV70, MSV80, MSV90, MSS60, MSS65, MSD80, MSD85, MSD87
Added reading and injector calibration function for D70BX7A0 D75BX7A0 engines
Added new coding indexes from ISTA 51.1 (for E and F series cars)

BMW-Explorer V 13.10.10
Major bug fixed caused program to quit with error
CAS3+ calc improved
Improved mileage reset in EDC17

BMW-Explorer V 13.10.07
Software and software settings improved
Key programming for CAS3+ improved
Added new softwares for ISN reading from MEVD1724 MEVD1725

BMW-Explorer V 13.10.04
COM-port saving” bug fixed
Fixed bug in service interval change function after oil reset ( in DME)
DME system time reading (for F-series)
Key programming for CAS3+ improved
Added new softwares and ISN changing possibility for MEVD172 MEVD172Y MEVD1724 MEVD1725

BMW-Explorer V 13.10.03
ISN reading for EDC17 improved
CAS3+ calculator improved
DME/DDE adaption values reset added for all models
Battery registration added for all models
Improved DDE coding after mileage reset
Improved mileage reset function for LMV_84 and LMV_01
“Settings” menu improved- new settings added
Coding function improved
Added coding indexes from ISTA 50.3
E84(X1) coding bug fixed
EDC17 injector programming bug fixed
Added new software versions for EDC17 mileage reset
HELP book refreshed
Added HELP book in English language

BMW-Explorer V 13.07.13
Key programming for E-series improved (Look here)
CAS frequency indication added
Indication of MCU type added (XDP512 or XEP100) for CAS4
Coding indexes added from ISTA v50

BMW-Explorer V 13.06.05
CAS3+ calculator improved
Key programming to CAS3+ improved
Coding read/write function improved
New coding indexes added

BMW-Explorer V 13.04.10
What’s new
Improved ISN reading for EDC17
Improved key programming for models equipped with MSS60
New ISN reading indexes added for models equipped with DDE51/DDE60

BMW-Explorer V 13.03.26
New coding indexes added for E-series models (ISTA v.49)
Added possibility to enter your own coding for E-series models

BMW-Explorer V 13.03.16
Improved key programming function for E-series models
CAS4 coding improved. Also added possibility to enter coding manually (F-series)
MED172 ISN reading function: New software’s added
MV1722 ISN reading function: New software’s added
MSS60 ISN reading function: ALL possible software’s added
Added ISN reading function for MEVD1724 (F-Series N20 engines)

Video Coding

BMW-Explorer V 13.02.27
Added mileage reset for DME D60PSA0 (Mini)
Added ISN reading for D60PSA0 (Mini)
Added coding indexes+TV in motion (F-series)

BMW-Explorer V 13.02.22
Dashboard annual mileage adjustment added (For F01 and F10)
Released coding module for F-series

BMW-Explorer V 13.02.15
Added: Annual mileage adjustment in instrument cluster for BMW F20 and F25

BMW-Explorer V 13.01.28
DTC explanation database updated
Added explanation of stored DTC

BMW-Explorer V 13.01.24
Added key calculator for CAS4(XDP512)
Improved key programming function for CAS3+ and CAS4

BMW-Explorer V 12.12.25
ISN bugs fixed in cas3+ calculator

BMW-Explorer V 12.12.22
New coding indexes added .. Fog,head,xenon lamp control voltage etc.
Improved clear DTC function during quick test and many other improvements.

BMW-Explorer V 12.12.20
Added calculator for key programming by EEPROM dump, for CAS programmed ISTA v.43 or higher. Extra programmer for dump reading is necessary. Improved key programming functionality for CAS4 (F-series)

Buy BMW Explorer basic and get Coding for free !
All other modules can be purchased with 20% discount
Discount valid from Nov-17 till Jan-1

BMW-ISN V 12. 11.20
DME BMS46: added ISN reading from 29F200 dump

BMW-Explorer V 12.11.17
Added coding indexes from ISTA v. 48.1

BMW-Explorer V 12.11.02
Added coding indexes from ISTA v. 47.7

BMW-Explorer V 12.10.31
Key programming for CAS4 with XEP100 improved
Key programming for CAS3+ improved

BMW-Explorer V 12.09.24
Improved stored mileage reset function in CAS3
Improved TV-in motion function for E65
Added new softwares for ISN reading in ME17N45 ECU’s

BMW-Explorer V 12.09.17
What’s new:
Key programming for CAS4 with XEP100 (CAS eeprom neccessary) added
Improved CAS3+ key programming (if all key lost)
TV in motion for E65 added
More coding indexes for E-series
Coding readout for F-series added
Stored mileage reset for CAS3/CAS3+ added (available via special functions menu and can take up to 100-120min)

BMW-Explorer V 12.06.14
New features:
CAS4 key programming in ignition lock (via antenna on steering column.CAS4 EEPROM required)
Improved: EEPROM reading for DxN57 and D7xN47 engines. All versions supported from now.
ISTA-46.4 coding indexes added.
More DTC explanations added for F-series models.
CAS4(N55 engine) key programming video manual added.
CAS4(All engines) key programming(when CAS4 EEPROM required) video manual added.

BMW-Explorer V 12.04.14
What’s new:
CAS3+  key programming if ALL KEYS LOST for models with MSV80 , MSD80 , MSD85  ECU’s
Key programming for F-series (7-er F01,F02, GT-series F07, 5-er and 6-er F10,F11,F12,F13,F18, X3 F25) with N55 (BOSCH) ECU’s via OBD
ISN reading for MEVD172Y (F-series)
Improved: Mileage reset for DME/DDE , AIF correction, Correction of yearly mileage counter
New coding indexes added (ISTA-46)

BMW-Explorer V 12.02.28
What’s new:
ISN rewrite function for Tricore MEVD174K , MEVD176K ,  MEVD17KW ,MVD1722
ISN reading from N55 engines (MEVD176K) as well as F-series N13 engines with MEVD1725

BMW-Explorer V 12.01.31
ISN reading for EDC17 with N47 and N57 diesel engines
Mileage reset for F-series models
FRM3 , LMV01 , JBBF01 , FZD3 , FZD_20 , FZD_F15 , CIC , DSC-01 , DSC-10 , DSC-25 , ZGW_01 , Champ2 , MEVD17.2 , MEVD17.2Y , MEVD17.24 , MEVD17.25 , N63TU_L0 , N63TU_R0
FRM_70 mileage reset improved
Added key programming function for CAS3+ (when all keys lost) for the following engines equipped with EWS3 system: DDE626 , N62TUE2 , ME9N62_2 etc.
NEW MODULE for BMW Explorer just released:

BMW-Explorer V 12.01.12
New features added:
* Mileage correction for LMV_84
* Reading of a mechanical code of a key

BMW-Explorer V 12.01.10

New features added:
Mileage calculator for the following ECU’s:
MS45, MSV70, MSV80, MSD80, MSD85, Light module FRM_70 ,etc. (As extra software)
(C:\Program Files\BMW_Explorer)

Coding module improved
New coding indexes added (ISTA v.45)

BMW-Explorer V 11.12.02
The foolowing new options added:
Coding function improved
New coding indexes added (ISTA v.44)

BMW-Explorer V 11.10.21
Functions added:
Some defects are eliminated

BMW-Explorer V 11.10.20
Functions added:

* Encoding
* FA Read / Write
* Updated service interval correction
* Mileage correction for VD1722, MEV17N46, MEVD17KW, MEVD174K, MEVD176K,
MEV9N46, D71N47C0
* Rolling code synchronization for ME9N62, ME9N62_2
* Improved diesel injector programming
* Key programming for CAS3Plus with DME
BOSCH, in case of ALL KEYS LOST (in the next update, this feature will be available to all
types of DME)

Software activation file (*.bel) must be sent to:
license@bmw-explorer.ru (do not add file to archive!)

BMW-Explorer V 11.07.23
Read/write Fuel Injectors Calibration DDE604 DDE508 DDE509
Write AIF GKE191
Synchronization of a variable code N62_TUE N62TUE2 D60M57D0 D60M57A0

BMW-Explorer V 11.06.09
New version add-on’s: read/write mileage
Correction AIF : AFS60 , AFS70 , AFS90 , ARS60 , ARS65 , ARS70 , GKE214 , GKE215 , DDE71
Read/write Fuel Injectors Calibration DDE626, DDE71
Read ISN MSS60
Some modifications to read/write key’s and ISN in CAS3+

BMW-Explorer V 11.02.28
Read and reset odometr LMA_60, FRM_70, JBBF70, CID_90

8 March 2011
BMW-Explorer V 11.02.08
Reset odometer DDE606, DDE608, DDE626
Writing Key CAS1,  CAS2, CAS3, to Coil Ingnition 

4 February 2011
BMW-Explorer V 11.02.04
Reset odometer CAS (E65)
Nomber Hard:

Reset odometer ME17N45 (All)
Read ISN (128 bit ) ME17N45, MVD1722, MV1722
Current data ACSM60, ACSM2, ACSM3, ACSM4, MRS5

31 December 2010


BMW Explorer – hardware and software system with extended engineering functionality for BMW cars of series E60, E65, E66, E70, E71, E81, E82, E87, E88, E90, E91, E92, E93, F01, F02, F07, F10, Mini Cooper R56 and Rolls-Royce.

System capabilities;
DTC reading with clear text explanation, car setting adjustment, maintenance interval adjustment, key programming or blocking, remote control synchronization and much much more!

31 December 2010


BMW-ISN - Software which allows you to read and edit DME-EWS(CAS) sync code